Anti-Catholicism in Britain and Ireland, 1600-2000. Practices, Representations and Ideas

Auteur : Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille & Geraldine Vaughan (dir.)
N° ISBN : 978-3-030-42882-2
Editeur : Palgrave Macmillan

This edited collection brings together varying angles and approaches to tackle the multi-dimensional issue of anti-Catholicism since the Protestant Reformation in Britain and Ireland. It is of course difficult to infer from such geographically and historically diverse studies one single contention, but what the book as a whole suggests is that there can be no teleological narration of anti-Catholicism — its manifestations were episodic, more or less rooted in common worldviews, and its history does not end today.

Editors : Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille (Université de Rouen Normandie) & Geraldine Vaughan (Université de Rouen Normandie).


  • The Catholic “Other”
    Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille (et al.)
  • Catholic Strategies of Resistance to Anti-Catholicism in Seventeenth-Century England
    Luc Borot
  • Anti-Popery in Eighteenth-Century Scotland: A Scottish Catholic Perspective
    Clotilde Prunier
  • Everyday Anti-Catholicism in Early Eighteenth-Century England
    Carys Brown
  • “The Great Contest Between the Papist and Protestant”: Anti-Catholicism in Lucy Hutchinson’s Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
    Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille
  • “Papists Make a Direct Profession of This Shamefull Sin”: Denouncing Catholic Ignorance in Seventeenth-Century England
    Sandrine Parageau
  • Beyond “The General Consent of the Principall Puritans and Jesuits against Kings”: The Rationalist Plea for Resistance in John Milton and Algernon Sidney
    Christopher Hamel
  • Through the French Looking Glass: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Protestantism and Anticlericalism. A Study in Doctrines of Hatred at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
    Valentine Zuber
  • The Scandalous Nun: Anti-Catholic Representations of English Nuns in Exile in the Seventeenth Century
    Laurence Lux-Sterritt
  • Joseph Addison, Anti-Catholicism and Politeness
    Claire Boulard Jouslin
  • Papal Tyranny on the Stage: The Jacobite Rising of 1745 and the London Theatres
    Marc Martinez
  • Anti-Catholicism and the Rhetoric of Slavery in Irish Writing, c. 1690-1730
    James Ward
  • Anti-Catholicism and the Scottish Middle Class 1800-1914
    Martin J. Mitchell
  • Fishing for Controversy: W.S. Kerr and the Demise of Church of Ireland Anti-Catholicism
    Alan Ford
  • A New Order in Post-conflict Northern Ireland—The Museum of Orange Heritage
    Karine Bigand
  • The Rise and Fall of Anti-Catholicism in Scotland
    Sir T. M. Devine (et al.)
  • Conclusion: Taking the Long View of Anti-Catholicism
    John Wolffe

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