percival everett

Lectures du Monde Anglophone / LMA, 1, 2015

Ce document recueille les communications présentées lors du colloque international « Percival Everett » organisé par l’équipe, à l’initiative d’Agathe Berland et d’Anne-Laure Tissut, en mars 2013 à la Maison de l’Université de Mont-Saint-Aignan. Textes recueillis par Agathe BERLAND et Anne-Laure TISSUT, et mis en forme par Sarah BOULET.

This document gathers the papers given at the international conference « Percival Everett » organised by the ERIAC research center and managed by Agathe Berland and Anne-Laure Tissut, that took place in March 2013 at the Maison de l’Université in Mont-Saint-Aignan. Texts collected by Agathe BERLAND and Anne-Laure TISSUT, and finalized for publication by Sarah BOULET.

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Keith MITCHELL, Encountering the Face of the Other
Marguerite DÉON, Clichés and cultural icons in Percival Everett’s fiction
Anthony STEWART, Talking About Race, Exposing The Desire for the Post-Racial, and Percival Everett’s Assumption
Claude JULIEN, Assumption: from reminiscences to surprise, from dream to nightmare
Isabelle VAN PETEGHEM-TRÉARD, Jouissance in Damnedifido stories by Percival Everett
Clément ULFF, Invisible Fathers: Investigating Percival Everett’s « Lower Frequencies »
Michel FEITH, The Well-Tempered Anachronism, Or The C(o)urse of Empire in Percival Everett’s For Her Dark Skin
Judith ROOF, Everett’s Eidolon: The Story of an Eye
Brigitte FÉLIX, Of weeds and words: Percival Everett’s poetry
Claudine RAYNAUD, Naming, Not Naming and Nonsense in I am Not Sidney Poitier
Françoise SAMMARCELLI, Vision and Revision in Percival Everett’s Erasure
Marie-Agnès GAY, “Wanted: straight words” in Percival Everett’s novel Wounded
Sylvie BAUER, “Private Turbulent Seas”: “painting The Moon” In Cutting Lisa, By Percival Everett
Gwen LE COR, “At any rake,” angles of “linguistic condensation” and shock in Percival Everett’s The Water Cure: “All this while we play and pain with a language that is private.”