les Particules Finales

Date : 27-28 Mai 2010
Lieu : Maison de l'Université - Rouen


Jeudi 27 mai 2010/Thursday 27 May 2010

8h15‐9h15 Accueil/Welcome
9h15‐9h30 Discours de bienvenue/Welcome speech
9h30‐10h30 Salle divisible nord
Chair : S. Hancil Plénier 1/Plenary 1 : Sung‐Ock Sohn, UCLA The emergence of sentence‐final particles in Korean
10h30‐11h00 Pause‐café/Coffee break

Salle divisible nord
11h00‐12h30 Chair : Benjamin Brosig
11h00‐11h30 Cecilia Poletto (University of Venize, Italy) On sentential particles : a cross linguistic study
11h30‐12h00 Hye Ri Stephanie Kim (UCLA) A high boundary tone as a resource for a social action : the Korean sentence‐ender –ta
12h00‐12h30 Yuki Taylor (UCLA) Japanese sentence‐final particle toka
12h30‐14h00 Déjeuner/lunch

Salle divisible nord
14h30‐15h30 Chair : Christophe Cusimano
14h30‐15h00 Laura Bailey (Newcastle University) Sentential, word order and the syntax of question particles
15h00‐15h30 Joseph Deth Thach (Structure et Dynamique des Langues FRE3326, INALCO, Paris) Etude de 2 particules énonciatives en position finale en khmer : /phaang/ et /dae/
15h30‐16h00 Pause‐café/Coffee break

Salle divisible nord
16h00‐17h30 Chair : Mitsuko Narita Izutsu
16h00‐16h30 Christophe Cusimano (University Masaryk of Brno) Les particules finales de l’argot en français et en tchèque
16h30‐17h00 Jantima Angkapanichkit (Ubon Ratchathami University, Thailand) The new challenge of final particle ? a raj jaa n nii ‘something like that’ : the grammatical and social categoriess in Thai language »
17h00‐17h30 Margje Post (University of Bergen, Norway) The Northern Russian clitical procedural marker dak
20h15 Gala dinner

Vendredi 28 mai 2010/Friday 28 May 2010

Salle divisible sud
Chair : Joe Pittayawat Pittayaporn
9h00‐9h30 Gabriela Soare (University of Geneva) Particles and parameters
9h30‐10h00 Jean Gail Mulder, Cara Penry Williams and Sandra A. Thompson (University of Melbourne/University of Melbourne/University of California, Santa Barbara) The final particle‐hood of but in Australian English conversation
10h00‐10h30 Rumiko Shinzato (Georgia Institute of Technology) From adverbs and adverbial clauses to sentence‐final particles

Salle divisible nord
9h30‐10h30 Chair : Kaori Takamine
9h30‐10h00 Pedro Urena Gomez‐Moreno (University of Grenada) Sentence‐final adverbials : recurrent patterns and uses
10h00‐10h30 Ton van der Wouden and Ad Foolen (Westfälische Wilhelms‐Universität Münster/ Radboud University of Nijmigen) Adverbs after verb‐final in Dutch
10h30‐11h00 Pause‐café‐Coffee break11h30‐13h00 Salle divisible sud Chair : Ton van der Wouden
11h30‐12h00 Denis Paillard (University Paris 7) Sur l’emploi des verbes /t ?O/ ‘aller’, /c ?h/ ‘descendre’, /m ?uk/ ‘venir’ comme particules finales en khmer
12h00‐12h30 Pittayawat Pittayaporn (Chulalongkorn University) Final particles meet boundary tones : the case of Bangkok Thai
12h30‐13h00 Benjamin Brosig and Dolgor Guntsetseg (University of Köln/ University of Stuttgart) The interaction of verbal aspect and mood with modal particles in Mongolian
11h30‐13h00 Salle divisible nord Chair : Jantima Angkapanichkit
11h30‐12h00 Mitsuko Narita Izutsu and Katsunobu Izutsu (Sapporo university and Hokkaido University of Education) Hanging or back‐shifting ? The rise of final particle but and their comparables in Japanese
12h00‐12h30 Kaori Takamine (University of Tromso, Norway) Temporal and instrumental PPs and modal structure in Japanese
12h30‐13h00 Sylvie Hancil (University of Rouen) Grammaticalization of sentence‐final but
13h00‐14h30 Déjeuner/Lunch
Salle divisible sud
Chair : Ad Foolen
14h30‐15h30 Plénier 3/Plenary 3
Bernd Heine (University of Köln)
On sentence manipulation and creativity