Dialogism and Language Change

Auteur : Sylvie Hancil & Alexander Haselow (dir.)
N° ISBN : 0388-0001
Editeur : Language Sciences

Edited by Sylvie Hancil, Alexander Haselow

Language Sciences, volume 68, pages 1-106 (July 2018)


  • Alexander Haselow, Sylvie Hancil, Rethinking language change from a dialogic perspective
  • Vittorio Tantucci, Jonathan Culpeper, Matteo Di Cristofaro, Dynamic resonance and social reciprocity in language change: the case of Good morrow
  • Dawn Archer, Negotiating difference in political contexts: An exploration of Hansard
  • Anouk Buyle, Hendrik De Smet, Meaning in a changing paradigm: the semantics of you and the pragmatics of thou
  • Alexander Haselow, Language change from a psycholinguistic perspective: The long-term effects of frequency on language processing
  • Sylvie Hancil, Discourse coherence and intersubjectivity: The development of final but in dialogues
  • Ursula Lenker, ‘There’s an issue there …’: Signalling functions of discourse-deictic there in the history of English

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